• Northern Vision Acrylic and Nails on Wood
    Image:6" x 10" x 2"
    Framed: 9" x 14"
  • Viking Horse Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Image: 1.75" x 2" x .25"
  • Engraved Abalone Engraved Abalone
    Image: 3" x 4.5" x 1"
    Framed:8" x9"
    Alaskan "Frog Totem" image.
  • Son of Tropos Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Framed: 10"x10"
  • Young Athlete I Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Image: 6"x4"x.25"
  • Tropos Returns Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Framed: 12"X10"
  • Snowswept Cliff Palace Acrylic on Hand Engraved Alger Stone
    This piece of our local Alger Stone was the perfect setting for a view of Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde Co. with a early winter dusting of snow. This is a free standing piece.
  • Balcony House Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Image: 4.5"x13.5"x1"
    This piece was named for the "Balcony House" site at Mesa Verde. The scene fits quite well into the natural crevasse and the quartz crystal veins add a nice detail.
  • Snowswept Cliff Palace Detail Acrylic on Hand Engraved Alger Stone
    Image: 7"x5"x1"
  • Olla Acrylic on Engraved slate
    Image: 4"x3"x.5"
  • Migration II Engraved Slate
    Image: 8"x16"x.5"
    The natural fissures in this stone made it the perfect background for this map. It depicts the migration of the “Early Peoples” from their birth at the “Navel of the Earth” to the settling of Mesa Verde.
  • Beaver Mask
    Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    "An image based on the designs of the Tlingtit Nation. Engraved and painted on a piece of sawed sandstone."