• "Waltzing Matilda"
    Mixed Media
    Image:16.5" x 12.5"
    "A portrait of our marvelous feline friend Matilda. Born: 11, September, 2011. Original digital photo, magazine illustrations of finds from a shipwreck from Amsterdam, 1636. Gold thread, antique button & acrylic paint. Painted back panel, acrylic paint, 17,5 x 13.5" Antique frame circa 1900, u.v. protective glass."
  • "Deco Gecco"
    Acrylic on Engraved Stone
    Image: 12"x6.5"
    Framed: 18"x12"
  • Flower Basket Bracelet
    Polymer clay on blue leather.
  • The Shaman
    Hand Engraved Sandstone
    Image: 7"x7"x1"
    Three Rivers NM: WikipediA