• Eos Pendant
    An image of the Mother Earth Goddess with a lampworked glass bead." 3"x3/4"x1/2"
  • Green Dragon Opal Necklace
    Polymer clay, metal leaf, saphires, ruby, labadorite and a hand polished Australian opal. Adjustable 23" cotton cord.
  • Flower Basket
    Polymer clay on blue leather.
  • Gold and Turquoise
    Acrylic paint and hand carved turquoise beads on dark brown leather.
  • Faceted Turquoise Apoatite and Freshwater Pearls Necklace -DET 17"
  • Hawks Head Necklace
    Polymer Clay
    27" $250
    "The imitation jade center pendant measures 2 ½” x 1 ¾” and is in the shape of a “Hacha” or sacred blade. The top is 3/8” thick and tapers down to 1/8”. The face of the pendant is carved with the head of a hawk, the eye is gold leaf.
  • Faceted Pearls and Garnet Necklace and Earrings
    A striking combination of deep green faceted pearls and irregularly shaped garnet beads. The clasp is sterling silver.
  • Long Pearl Necklace and Pendant Cream colored heirloom pearls, gold toned pendant (1.75"x.75"x.25") , faceted handmade crystal and natural agates with a sterling silver clasp. $75.00
  • Female Figure III
    Imitation Stone
  • Heirloom Carnelian Earrings
    Heirloom Carnelian Earrings
  • Old Center Bead
    Silver beads on blue leather.
  • Male Torso
    Polymer Clay
    3.75" x 2.25" x .25"
    "An original sculptural piece suitable for using as a pendant."
  • Street Finds
    Found objects including broken taillights, nuts, washers and keys on tied cord. Handmade copper clasp.
  • Female Figure II
    Imitation stone pendant reproducing ancient fertility symbols found in many cultures.
    2.25" x .754"
  • Female Torso Polymer Clay
    3.75" x 2.25" x .25"
    "An original sculptural piece suitable for using as a pendant."
  • Colored Agate
    A variety of colored agates strung on sterling silver wire with complementing stone and metal beads ending with three metal bells on an adjustable cord. Color and size will vary. The average size of the pendant is 2".
  • Jade and Freshwater Pearl Earrings
    6mm disk shapped jade beads with a transparent apple green hue are combined with two blue/green fresh water pearls. Mounted on hammered gold filled wires.
  • Gold Edged Aztec Jade Amulet
    Hand carved polymer clay pendant with gold plated polymer and natural jade beads. 19" $350.00
    Smith & Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA
  • Aztec Face Pendant Turquoise
    Imitation Turquoise
    "Inspired by Diego Rivera's mural in the National Palace in Mexico City."
  • Industrial Breast Plate
    "Porcelain “tubes”, metal sink drain stoppers, polymer clay with acrylic paint finish, hand dyed leather, cotton strap with plastic button and twine clasp and glass and silver coated beads. The piece is intended for display only."
    36" x 10" x .75"