Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy Acrylic on Linen 6"x6" Sold
Tranquility Detail
Tranquility Detail Acrylic on Canvas Detail of Tranquility Taormina, Sicily
Palace Portugal
Palace Portugal Oil on Canvas 42" x 30" SOLD
Jade Castle
Jade Castle Framed 7"x5" "Miniature" Acrylic on Engraved Jade 4.75"x3"x1" $750.00
Shard 18
Shard 18 Natural and Polymer Clay 1.75"x1"x.25" $40
River God
River God Acrylic on Engraved Stone 14" x 8" $1,500
Sunflower Symphony Detail
Sunflower Symphony Detail Oil on Canvas
Gold and Turquoise
Gold and Turquoise Acrylic paint and hand carved turquoise beads on dark brown leather. 2"x8" $95